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The Go-Getter's Podcast

Jan 24, 2019

Hey go-getters and welcome to episode 16 of the go-getter’s podcast. We are settling into a good routine with our new baby and I’m starting to feel like myself again. Today’s show is a roadmap, if you will, that will lead you down the right path towards the perfect business coach. 

In this episode...

Jan 19, 2019

Hey Go-Getters! Believe me when I say there’s so much irony in this podcast title it isn’t even funny. Here I am telling you that you’re doing too much as I have a 6-day old taking a nap on my chest. Truth is, I’m just being me though. I love newborn snuggles more than anything in this world but it’s important...

Jan 4, 2019

Let’s be honest with measurable goals for our future. We all set a lot of goals for ourselves, especially at this time of year. However, if you look back at 2018 and the goals you set then, did you actually achieve them? Let’s change that pattern right now.

Your first step, if you’ve never listened to Tony...