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The CEO Teacher Podcast

Aug 21, 2019

I'm laying some truth down today and it may be just thing you need to hear in your season of life. I've said this so much, but I think we all need a little reminder. If you are wanting to build a sustainable business that gives you a life that you love and a business you enjoy showing up at, you have to play the long game.

Creating a business is not a get rich quick scheme. When we build something with urgency and aren't intentional and consistent with our mission and our vision, we often don't meet those expectations we've set for ourselves. 

Have those big dreams.

Smash those audacious goals.

The sky is the limit.

But be ready to put in the work because when you do...when you play the long game...anything can happen.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How building a sustainable business takes time and is not something that happens overnight
  • That setting intentional, concise and consistent goals pushes you towards your ultimate goal
  • How believing in your goals is a necessity when it comes to chasing your dreams

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