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The CEO Teacher Podcast

May 29, 2019

You may not be ready for this episode... and that's completely OK. Remember, we are all in different places in our journey. However,  I did think this was an important episode for me to record because I want you to start looking into the future. I want you to start thinking about where you want your business to go and how you are going to be able to sustain it. 

Today, we are talking about the importance of course creation. Creating courses is such a natural fit for a teacher because what better way to earn a living than teaching people? It's what we do. It's what we love. 

There are so many reasons why creating a course is a smart move for your business, but today I am giving you my top 5.

So listen in because I'm giving you all the details about how creating a course can impact your business and change the lives of others.

In this episode you will learn:

  • About Kajabi and how it made my course creation process easier
  • The opportunities for growth when creating a course
  • How to become an expert in something you love
  • About creating passive income the right way
  • How courses impact the lives of others 
  • How courses create a culture of life-long learning

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