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The Go-Getter's Podcast

Jan 4, 2019

Let’s be honest with measurable goals for our future. We all set a lot of goals for ourselves, especially at this time of year. However, if you look back at 2018 and the goals you set then, did you actually achieve them? Let’s change that pattern right now.

Your first step, if you’ve never listened to Tony Robbins, is to start immediately. He speaks the truth, and he really fixed my mindset a few years ago. He can help with yours as well. If you take no other action steps today, please check him out.

Your next step is to set actionable goals. I talk more about how to do that in “The Go-Getters Podcast Episode 14: Setting Goals for Your Future” at For now, please know that goals are just words without action. Action is what determines if you will be successful.

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